12.1″ Touch Screen Panel PC with RFID Reader


Model Number: EB-121SRPOE

12.1″ LCD display, 1280*800 Resolution with Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch (P-CAP)
Intel J1900 Quad CPU,
64G SSD,
125Khz or 13.56 MHZ RFID Reader,
Windows or Linux OS
Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Optional (One Gigabit Ethernet port, support 802.3at POE)
Application: Room Booking Schedule, Access Control…

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12.1″ Industrial Touch Panel Computer built-in RFID Reader

RFID Automated Parking Control System
This panel pc can be used to access and control a database and monitor the toll collection transaction history.

Access Control Door System
The two-in-one EM/MIFARE compliant RFID module installed in the panel pc supports sophisticated security applications.

Healthcare Solutions
The RFID Panel PC with RFID technology applied in healthcare facilities can identify and track patients, objects, and assets,
and can speed up or eliminate many manual operations in checking and processing patients.

The x86 all-in-one panel PC with Windows and Linux operating systems is easily integrated with data intensive applications, such as voice recognition and face recognition software( camera optional).

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